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  • Consistency in compactibility
    in each and every batch
  • Reduce rejection
  • Reduce sand drop
  • Reduce sand wash
  • Reduce mould breakage
  • Improvement of casting surface finish
  • Fettling time reduce
  • Shot blasting time reduce
  • Reduce consumption of shots
    due to less shot blasting time
  • Directing saving in weight variation
  • Material consumption record of each batch, (Sand, Bentonite, Coal dust)
  • Perfect controlling of additives
  • Get unlimited data of each and every batch
  • Production data of shift and period wise
  • Production calculator in data
    management system
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • No skill operator required
  • Supervisory control from PC
  • All type of alarm display
    Breakdown time reduce
  • Very less wear out part
  • Easy to maintenance
  • All bought out part available in Indian market

Robust Sand Testing Unit

  • Pneumatic operated sand sampling unit with mixer tank plug which will mounting
    on mixer tank.
  • One sand testing unit with branded components for precision measurement
    of compactibility
  • Inbuilt sand aeration unit
    for lump free sand sampling.
  • It is completely enclosed
    by a cover with outlet chute
    at bottom for sand discharge.

Precision Water Dosing System

  • Branded water meter
    for precision measurement
    of water quantity.
  • Install ‘NO’ and 'NC' Water valve for continues water circulation constant water flow.
  • Water strainer for removing measure contamination in water.

PLC Base Control Panel

  • One electrical control panel
    with branded PLC for batter performance.
  • Existing additive control by PLC (Bentonite, Coal dust, Fine dust.)
  • One HMI for parameter setting and alarm.
  • All necessary interlock between sand plant and KOC panel.
  • All necessary cable with plug between mechanical
    unit and control panel.

Computer With Supervisory Software

  • Branded PC with related operating system.
  • Scada for easy control
    and supervision.
  • 50 different recipe
  • G.C.S. Measure and control (Model KOC-2)
  • Historical data log like Day, Time, Cycle no,
    Sand temperature,
  • Water quantity, Compactibility
  • Graphical representation
    of compactibility.
  • Historical alarm buffer
    for easy diagnosis.
  • Transfer all recorded data to flash drive or other computer.